Ruck FFH315 compact supply air unit with 9 kW electric preheating and 1060 m3/ h D = 315 mm fan

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Nominal current to the fan (A)1
Maximum air flow (m3/h)1060
Nominal electric current (A)14.7
Engine speed (r/min)2450
Number of speeds3
Weight (kg)31.4
Source V-Hz-Ph380/50/3
Maximum ambient temperature (deg.C)40
Static pressure (Pa)530
Noise level of extract (dB)67
Noise level of intake (dB)70
Dimensions (mm)718X466X406
Remote control dimensions (mm)82x82x30
Heating power (W)9000
Filter class (Z-line)G4
Remote controllerWire
Garantie2 ani
Greutate32.000 kg


RUCK FFH is a compact fresh air unit ready for mounting and equipped with Z-Line air filter, fan, electric heater battery and integrated automation. A remote control module for controlling and setting parameters is attached to the equipment. High quality housing is made of metal, frameless and has smooth interior walls. The housing is insulated with 30 mm mineral wool. There is no "cold coating". Inside there is an insulating laminated material to reduce the noise caused by air suction and discharge but also to provide insulation against heat loss. FFH can be used on one of the three levels of speed. Levels of speed facilitate the flow according to the application.
- galvanized sheet steel housing;
- sheet aluminum cover;
- removable fan;
- propellers with backward oriented blades;
- motor with thermal circuit for long-term use;
- full-integrated automation;
- outdoor remote control equipped with cable;
- degree of protection: the ceiling installation , cover at the bottom, suitable connections and piping, IP 43 (see connection diagram).

The exhaust fan can be connected by the mean of terminals. Connections can be made according to the speed levels and the wiring diagram. Neutral and ground connections are also made according to the wiring diagram. (230 VAC, 2A max).
The remote control is connected to the unit, directly to the control unit via a cable.
The remote control allows control and introduction of different functions of the unit. The remote control includes a temperature sensor (set point) for the ambient temperature. The display shows parameters of different functions, and also error codes. By pressing different buttons, you can choose between different environmental levels or values.
- On / Off;
- change the set temperature. Then the unit starts for the first time there are 21 degrees Celsius displayed. This value is displayed on the left. The set value can be increased or decreased by using the remote control;
- change the level of speed. There are two possible ways to change the level of speed: automatic or duration operation. Continuous operation: during this mode the levels of speed can be changed using the remote. Automation has no control over fan speed (except for certain cases of error). Automatic operating mode: the fan always tries to operate at the highest level possible. If the temperature set is not reached, then the lower level of speed is chosen in order to maintain a constant ambient or fresh air intake temperature;
- timer. The control unit has an integrated timer. The equipment can be started by using it for each day of the week.

- ambient temperature: will be displayed by the means of a sensor mounted on the remote;
- fresh air intake temperature: will be indicated by the means of a temperature sensor in the unit;
- filter operating hours: display the unit operation hours;
- filter change indicators. The number of filter changes. Value increases by one after each filter change done properly;
- operating hours since the filter was changed: Number of operation hours with the existing filter after the last change.


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