Welcome to Intax- Hvac.com , part of Intax Trading, a company founded in Romania in 2002, specialized in trading ventilation, air conditioning and air purifying equipment, especially for commercial and industrial purpose. More information about Intax Trading can be found on our corporate website www.intaxtrading.com.

 Strong points:
- As a specialized trading company and due to solid relationships developed with our suppliers during 12 years of activity we offer competitive products and cooperation conditions.
- Complete range of ventilation and air treatment equipment.
- Punctuality and professionalism in dealing with the enquiries for various projects.
- Advanced logistic support which allows delivery time reducing and cost optimization.
- Maximum flexibility in selecting and offering equipment and accessories required depending on the type and restrictions of the project

Our Mission:

By providing professional trading we are committed to continuous striving and becoming the most powerful and fast connection between the competitive producers and the market.

Our Values:
Long – Term Vision

Being HVAC specialists, we are able to offering the best selection of the products, as well as providing the most efficient delivery option. All of these are tailored around you, our customers, so we can offer you the best possible service with every order you place.

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