AERIAL AP70 pool dehumidifier

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Maximum air flow (m3/h)1000
Power supply 230-50-1
Maximum water surface of the pool (m2)50
Maximum sound pressure level dB(A)53
Weight (kg)64
Dimensions (mm)678 x 1002 x 251
Maximum dehumidification capacity (l/d)72
Humidity extraction rate (l/d)72,0 l/d* at 30 deg.C/80% r.h. - 1150 W 52,0 l/d* at 30 deg.C/60% r.h. - 1050 W 37,4 l/d* at 27 deg.C/60% r.h. -1000 W 29,0 l/d* at 20 deg.C/60% r.h. -850 W
Power consumption max 1050W
Refrigerant typeR134A
Other detailsRecommended surface water: to 50mp. Operating temperature: from +10 deg.C at +32 deg.C; The possibility to eliminate condensation in a sewer network; Optionally can buy external hygrostat.
Principle of operationWith compressor
Greutate67.000 kg


AP AERIAL dehumidifiers are suitable for swimming pools and operate as one-piece unit with built-in compressor; it does not require any additional equipment such as piping, technical areas, etc..
It can be installed on the wall or on the floor; a slope for water condensation shall be provided; the unit is connected to a power source; the desired humidity is set, and from this point forward the process of dehumidification is starting.

AERIAL AP swimming pool dehumidifiers operate by a condensation heat recovery system. The fan draws humid air in the evaporator where the air is cooled until the water vapor turns into condensation and then, the resulting water is eliminated. The cold and dehumidified air is heated again by the means of a condenser.
- Units can be installed on the wall or on the floor;
- Radial fan with aluminum blades (with protection against wind);
- Rotary compressor hermetically sealed provided with protection against overloading and anti-vibration system;
- Condenser and evaporator made of copper pipe with aluminum insulation;
- The cover is easily removable; hence the cleaning of heat exchangers can be easily done;
- Automatic defrost;
- ThermoLogic system that turns off (or restarts) the unit when the room temperature level is too high or too low;
- Low power consumption;
- Non-corrosive.
AREA OF USE: swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, indoors;
SUITABLE FOR: Swimming pools with a water surface of approximately 50 m2 (depending on air and water temperature, and humidity)
INSTALLATION / MOBILITY: it can be installed on the wall or on the floor (mounting kit included);
AIR INTAKE: through the lower part of the front panel;
AIR EXHAUSTING: through the upper part;
WATER DISCHARGE: through the connection provided for water drainage tube of 15 mm (on the left or right side of the unit); 1 m coiled tube included.
HOUSING: strong galvanized steel sheet, (RAL 9010), IP44degree of protection;
CONTROL LEDs: ON/OFF buttons for hygrostat serial included; indicator lights for: voltage, humidity, defrost and heat off.


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